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About our flowers

Striking Resemblance is a new venture providing high quality, artificial, exotic flowers and foliage from Thailand. As a small business we aim to offer a service that is flexible and personalised. We have always had an interest in artificial flowers, but cheap examples are all too common. We felt the artificial flower scene had become stuck in yesteryears boring look with traditional colour pallets and uninspiring accessories. Striking Resemblance offers an exclusive, vibrant range of flowers and foliage from the tropics. We want to offer flowers and greenery that shine against the majority of low quality and high quantity Chinese silk flowers.

Early in 2012 we visited the Home and Furniture Expos in Bangkok and finally found the products and the people we were looking for. Striking Resemblance formed a relationship with a family owned factory in Bangkok. Here, they have been producing and perfecting artificial flowers for 25 years. For the last decade they have been implementing modern day techniques producing second generation flowers and greenery. Over the last 4-5 years they have been perfecting an exceptional range of Real Touch high quality, tropical flowers and greenery.

Production has come a long way in artificial flower manufacture and the highest quality creations now consist of polymer / latex based materials. This adds thickness and toughness to the flower or foliage. Leaves, petals and stems can be bent or pushed into shape and direction. The thicker polymer based construction also allows the flower to assume true to life colourings to become a Striking Resemblance to the real thing.

We chose to import from Thailand because of their expertise and willingness to expose their flowers to Australia. The Australian market is dominated by Chinese Silk flower imports of low to medium quality. Close inspection reveals why many artificial flowers are cheap. You can gauge for yourself when artificial arrangements are on display- take a closer peek at fraying edges, thin petals and leaves, weak colour and incorrect detailing. Striking Resemblance seeks to offer an exceptional, artistic alternative.

We present to you exclusive arrangements of any size that can transform your entrance, kitchen, work place, alfresco area, anywhere, infact,there are few places that benefit from the absence of colour and style.



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Some of the joys of our flowers and foliage

No maintenance - great  for periods of time away


Friendly to allergy sufferers

Air con resistant - the fresh flower killer

Excellent quality - difficult to tell from the real thing

Clean - No more water, soil or mulch mess inside your home

Ideal for apartments and high rise living

Artistic - striking arrangements that substitute for art


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